As a species we are naturally judgemental and we fear and dismiss what we don’t understand. When someone twists an ankle or breaks an arm, we know exactly what the issue is and how to help for the most part. When someone has a mental health problem or crisis we cannot readily identify what the problem is and since we can’t confirm it visually or understand it, we question or even dismiss it. Those living with a mental health disorder have a legitimate medical issue. However, when someone gets hospitalized for a physical injury or illness they can expect flowers, get well cards, visitors etc. When someone is hospitalized for a mental health problem they can usually expect none of that support and will be greeted back to work with stares, awkward silences and gossip. Why is that? As a society, with increased education and understanding, we will be able to openly talk about this subject, not view it as a weakness, to help someone experiencing a crisis and even empathize with them. We have a long way to go and I’m excited and truly grateful to help bring awareness to this issue. Let’s get to work!

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